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Wooden Tricky Triangle Game - 1 per pack
Wooden Tricky Triangle Game - 1 per pack

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Wooden Tricky Triangle Game

- Set includes 15 plastic pegs and 1 wooden game board. The bottom side measures 4.5 inches long. The 2 sides measure 4 inches long. This is a simple and inexpensive game that ensures hours of enjoyment and fun.

The Tricky Triangle has been entertaining and stumping fans for generations. The quiet activity has been used in nearly every situation that required sitting for extended period of time. They have been found in restaurants, churches, doctor’s offices, and other waiting rooms. This is a fun small toy to bring on road trips since they occupy not only children, but their parents, too. They can be played solo or with an opponent.

Each Wooden Tricky Triangle Toy comes with 15 holes and 14 pegs. We include 15 pegs with our board. The object of the game is to remove the most pegs. The Tricky Triangle Toy has levels included on the board. You remove pegs by jumping over them to the adjacent empty hole. The best score is when you only have one peg left on the board. The board measures 4.5 inches long on the bottom and each side is 4 inches in length.

Each set includes on board and the peg in a variety of colors. We do offer lower prices if you purchase six or more Tricky Triangles. Buy a small collection of them to use as a game station at a carnival, birthday party, or math class. They can be given away as prizes or used at an office in a waiting room. They will entertain people of all ages for extended periods of time. If you have any questions about the Wooden Tricky Triangle Game or any other of our toys at SmallToys.com, please contact our customer service representatives for assistance.
  • Set includes 15 plastic pegs and 1 wooden game board
  • The bottom side measures 4.5 inches long
  • The 2 sides measure 4 inches long

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