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SmallToys features inexpensive novelty toys used as carnival prizes and party favors for kids.

In addition to carnival prizes, carnival supplies, and kids party favors you can shop more specific product categories like candy party favors, goodie bags, inflatable toys, light up novelties, glow in the dark novelties, temporary tattoos, patriotic novelties,
student rewards, Christmas novelties, Santa Hats, and Halloween novelties. Kids love our novelty toys, prizes and party favors!

Patriotic Novelty Maze Puzzles Camouflage Patriotic Novelty Dog Tag Necklaces Pink Hearts and Stars Diary
Patriotic Novelty Maze Puzzles - 12 per pack

Price per Pack:

229 Packs In Stock
Pink Hearts and Stars Diary - 1 per pack

Price per Pack:

39 Packs In Stock

2 inch plastic patriotic maze puzzles. Each contains a small metal ball bearing.

2 inch metal camouflage print tag on a 24 inch chain. Not engraved or printed.

3 3/4 inches wide and 4 3/4 inches tall with white lined paper inside. Has lock with 2 keys.
Make A Zombie Stickers USA Patriotic Novelty Visor Zombie Party Table Cover
Make A Zombie Stickers - 12 per pack

Price per Pack:

193 Packs In Stock
USA Patriotic Novelty Visor - 1 per pack

Price per Pack:

46 Packs In Stock
Zombie Party Table Cover - 1 per pack

Price per Pack:

37 Packs In Stock

Create your own zombie graveyard scene! Includes 12 paper backgrounds and 12 plastic sticker sheets each with 26 assorted stickers.

Patriotic visor has an elastic band in back and a terry cloth lining inside the front portion of the band. Fits up to about a 22 inch head size.

Plastic Zombie party table cover measures 54 inches wide by 108 inches long.
Winner Medals Jumbo Whoopee Cushion Mini Bubbles
Winner Medals - 12 per pack

Price per Pack:

180 Packs In Stock
Jumbo Whoopee Cushion - 1 per pack

Price per Pack:

136 Packs In Stock
Mini Bubbles - 6 per pack

Price per Pack:

123 Packs In Stock

Gold plastic medal with Winner embossed on one side and #1 on the other side.

Large 10 inch diameter whoopee cushion.

Each bottle has .3 ounces of bubbles.
Animal Coloring Books Sweet Treat Temporary Tattoos Pink Diary
Animal Coloring Books - 12 per pack

Price per Pack:

99 Packs In Stock
Sweet Treat Temporary Tattoos - 72 per pack

Price per Pack:

49 Packs In Stock
Pink Diary - 1 per pack

Price per Pack:

26 Packs In Stock

4 inch by 5 inch coloring books. Each book has 5 pages to color.

Assorted 1 1/4 inch temporary tattoos. Instructions included.

4 by 6 inch locking diary has approximately 56 sheets of unlined paper inside.
Zombie Novelty Character Suckers Carnival Tickets - Smile Yellow Glow in the Dark Novelty Pink Bracelets
Zombie Novelty Character Suckers - 12 per pack

Price per Pack:

12 Packs In Stock
Carnival Tickets - Smile Yellow - 2000 per pack

Price per Pack:

154 Packs In Stock
Glow in the Dark Novelty Pink Bracelets - 15 per pack

Price per Pack:

45 Packs In Stock

2 inch cherry-flavored pop comes on a 4 inch plastic stick, and are individually wrapped.

1 inch by 2 inch sequentially numbered tickets.

8 inch plastic glow in the dark bracelets with connectors, sold in units of 15.
About Novelty House Inc.

Novelty House was founded in 1951. Thirty years later, Novelty House incorporated in July of 1981. Since then Novelty House has expanded its service nationwide by publishing SmallToys.com in March of 1999 and JackpotBingoSupplies.com in June of 2006.

Novelty House is a family owned and operated business. Our young adult children are now active in our business and represent our third generation. Novelty House has changed and grown with each generation.

Today's corporation sells over 1000 novelty toys for kids, carnival game supplies, carnival prizes, kids party favors, and holiday items. Our sources include both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

None of our toys have been recalled. All of our toys have been tested and meet or exceed Federal Safety standards.

Novelty House is proud of its past and present success. We would be happy to have an opportunity to hear your ideas and suggestions.

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