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All Are Unique Snowflake Rubber Bracelets - 24 per pack Winter Activity Pad - 12 per pack Emoji Tattoos - 144 per pack
Emoji Tattoos - 144 per pack

Price per Pack:
White Plush Bear with Pink Heart - 1 per pack Snowflake Paper Goodie Bags - 12 per pack LED Light Up  Heart Wand with Streamers - 1 per pack
White Plush Bear with Pink Heart - 1 per pack

Price per Pack:$12.95
Deal Price:$4.99
Plush Long Arm Holiday Characters - 12 per pack Snowflake Cello Bags - 12 per pack Plastic Darts with Metal Tips - 12 per pack
Metallic Red Beaded Necklaces - 12 per pack Floating Carnival Ducks - 12 per pack Emoji Bracelets - 36 per pack
Emoji Bracelets - 36 per pack

Price per Pack:


SmallToys features inexpensive novelty toys used as carnival prizes and party favors for kids. In addition to carnival prizes, carnival supplies, and kids party favors you can shop more specific product categories like goodie bags, inflatable toys, light up novelties, glow in the dark novelties, temporary tattoos, patriotic novelties, student rewards, Christmas and Halloween novelties, and Santa Hats. Most of our simple toys sell for less than 50 cents. Kids from 5 years old to pre-teens love our novelty toys, prizes and party favors!

At SmallToys.com, we are experts at knowing all about novelty and inflatable toys. Our small toys can be easily used as prizes for kids at school, carnivals, doctors offices, dentist offices, and restaurants. They can be used to fill goody bags and as party favors for kids. Each small toy serves a purpose and nearly every purpose results in a smile.

Small toys can be used to decorate for parties and they can used when playing games. Some of our small toys can also be used in Halloween costumes and in dress-up play. All it takes is a little creativity to figure out how to use the plethora of small toys we have available online.

Our small toys from Novelty House make fantastic prizes at school or community carnivals. When you need to give a small and inexpensive gift, small toys are the perfect option. Instead of giving out candy, our small toys are fun Halloween treats. SmallToys.com is stocked with a variety of fun prices and filled with ideas for using them. Contact us if you have any questions.


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